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your perfect home move timeline ( part two )

packing boxes and goods in room

useful guide lines to follow for being prepared before hand for your big move

Four Weeks Prior

It is always a good idea to get all you utility companies informed one month before, to give them ample time to do all the clearance work done for you. Sometimes cut off notice are on month by month basis and delaying even for one day could incur subscription charges, rentals etc.

  • You need to know by now quantity of your stuff and how many and what vehicle you will be needing to shift. If you can not assess yourself which size of vehicle is best, then call / request assessment online at wishmove.com. It is best to invite those companies which offer home assessment as it is free of charge and will help you understand your move requirements better. Read more about House Assessment advantages :__ What Is Moving Home Assessment And Why Is It Helpful__

  • Dismantle all large toys and start putting all the unnecessary stuff( like games, books. extra pet food packed up, label them and stack them up properly.

  • Cancel your newspaper and any magazine subscriptions. Read about 21 important things to do before moving

  • Stop bulk purchasing, you know you will not be needing them after a little while

  • Dispose of all the chemicals, oils, paints or any such unwanted solvent properly to avoid any sort of accidents and damages.

  • Don't forget to change your address & notify your friends & family, insurance company, subscriptions & all utility services.

  • Get all your subscription updated new address( if can not be transferred then get new ones, make sure you have all your utilities and posts on your new address)

  • Go green and start using paper plates & cups, so you may be able to pack your kitchen easily before hand.

  • Now is the time you should have all your stuff packed (leave only the essentials) and put in the garage.

  • Confirm your movers and give them a confirmed date of your move,(it might cost you to cancel on them).

One Week Prior

  • Make sure you pack an essential overnight suitcase for everyone.

  • Close safety deposit boxes and transfer bank accounts, if applicable.

  • Now is the time to make sure you have toilet paper, paper plates, plastic cups, toiletries, etc., all in one box so you know where to find them until you are unpacked & settled.

  • Finish by packing all the small items or daily used items.

Day of the Move

  • Its never a good idea to get your car washed and serviced before the big move, You will be using it for your move as well so leave it after the tsk is over.

  • it is always a good idea to sent children or even pets to close family, it will help you as they will not be able to come in the way of ;loading & unloading.

  • it will also ease up the disruption caused by the shift for them. they usually do not take it kindly to see everything moved around and out.

  • Be as prepared as you possibly can be when wishmove arrives. The less they have to do, the less time it will take, which amounts to savings for you.

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