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When in Wales you get TV licence refund if you are a moving out student

TV licence with TV

Normally at the end of the year we get reminders from TV Licencing about or license renewals and money we owe but not in Wales. They instead received reminders to check for refund eligibility using simple process.

Students were surprised to know across Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion when they were packing up after the year that TV Licensing reminded those moving home for the summer they are likely able to fetch a refund, worth £36, on their licence.

Those who bought their Licence at the start of the academic year and still have three full months remaining on their licence, a refund can be claimed for this unused quarter. Students can apply for their refund online or over the phone.

Catherine Giffith-Williams, spokesperson for TV Licensing in Wales said:

"The student refund is brilliant news for students and we encourage those who bought their licence at the start of the academic year to claim the refund they're entitled to. For those who aren't moving back home for the summer, they can easily transfer their licence to their new student digs."

"It's important students buy a TV licence at the earliest opportunity when starting university if they want the peace of mind of being able to watch whenever they want and to be eligible for the refund. They can also take advantage of our flexible payment options. We want to help students understand the law when it comes to watching live TV on any device so they can avoid the risk of a fine of up to £1,000."

Recent research* by TV Licensing shows two-in-five students have a tablet at university capable of streaming live TV. A TV Licence is needed to watch, record or stream programmes at the same time as they are shown on a TV, laptop, games console, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device.

Beth Button, President NUS Wales, added:

"The summer months are a fantastic opportunity for students to return home and repair their bank balances. We encourage students to make a good start now and apply for a refund from TV Licensing to put the £36 back in your pocket. Whether you're looking to get a refund or change your address, both are really easy to do meaning you can enjoy your time off from studying."

On the other hand good news is that TV Licencing authority provides this leverage to all the students across the country even if they write to you personally or not.Only thing we need to do is check with them. As money is getting tighter and tighter for students as the expenses go up e few little savings can help.

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