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Packing for Downgrading To A Smaller Apartment

intelligently furnished room to maximize space usage

Though it is easier to pack if you are upgrading to a bigger accommodation, the job is slightly tough the other way around. Some rules and tips will help you manage your move to a smaller apartment

Moving in or out of small or large space are basically similar projects. All successful moves are successful because these are always taken care of and run as any other professional grade project. It involves five stages from start to finish.

  • Detailed assessment
  • Planning and Calculations
  • Necessary Arrangements
  • Execution
  • Clearance and closing

There are major difference if you are downsizing into smaller place than upgrading to a larger one. Packing becomes more of a thought process than physical one and becomes a challenge at times.

The stuff we have been collecting for ages becomes part of us. We become attached to it over long term. Thinks about all superman, spiderman and captain America figures and toys. They might be chucked away into the cellar but the thought of throwing any of it away is painful.

For this reason and similar ones, It is hard to leave packing into hands of others and you may be tempted to try to handle everything yourself as you have to make a choice between items going with you and items staying behind.

But good moving companies can help you alot in the process to make right decisions and keep the waste to the minimal, having detailed discussion and home visits can help companies assess your situation, discuss your exact needs and provide you with advice and accurate availeble options with reduced pricig, you might not even be aware of.

[Planning ahead and setting up timelines](http://www.wishmove.com/article/your-perfect-home-move-timeline-(-part-one-) will help keep you organized and keep stress level at bay.

Moving Into a comparatively smaller space - MUST DO THINGS

  • Visit place more than once and take complete measurements. Every visit improves upon previous knowledge and helps make better decisions
  • Measure entryways, entrance halls, access areas in details.
  • Measure staircases and elevators to help movers make safe moves without damages.
  • Double check parking rules and restrictions to avoid surprises and delays.
  • Properly measure communal areas and living areas. If you have measurement of both available space and furniture to be moved, you can make right decision about what and how to move your stuff, avoid any wrong guesses and surprises.
  • Try getting hold of floor plan as it is the most important document which could help you

__Things to remember __

Make sure your boxes are clearly labeled either with room name or number or colored labels.

If you have precise measurements, take your time and decide what stays behind and what moves on with you. Remaining stuff could sold via yard sale, Ebay or several other__ Online Auctions __or even could be __Donated to CHARITY __who can come and collect free of cost.

Another advantage of having advanced precise measurements is that there is nothing more frustrating than moving your overstuffed 5-seater sofa set, king size bed(s) or extra-large dinning table, only to discover later on that you can’t even get them into your new apartment. Or if you finally make them in, its like "Camel in the tent"

Consider your furniture type and size very carefully. Smaller furniture would a bit slightly less comfortable but it will give you sense of spaciousness and space to move around and do thing. A king size bed in small room will leave the room useful for sleep purposes only. Or a large 5 seater Sofa set will make it harder for kids to stick in the living area and will always be looking for a way out of the house.