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Meet ma yan A teacher mentor nurse friend and an expert volunteer house mover

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Let's face it. World is still going by because there are people who would just not stick to basics but try utilizing all time and resources to make world a better place, whichever way they can.

Teaching is one of the oldest, one of the most respected and one the most sort after career role. It requires a lot of skills and and teachers have to play a lot of roles whether they like it or not.

Meet Ma Yan-yan

Ma Yan-yan is busy doing everything she can for the betterment of her pupils and community for the last 20 years. Her main responsibility is teaching Chinese, integrated humanities and liberal studies at HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No 1 Secondary School in Kwai Chung.

She loves being a teacher the most but never misses any opportunity outside her classroom too helping students in need. She is on the contact list of all her pupils and related personals.

The "Dolphin Group"

Mainland students find it difficult sometimes to adjust straightaway into the new environment when they join her school. She figured it out quit early and started "dolphin group" which looks after ne4ew arrivals.

“The group is mandatory for those in their first year in Hong Kong, so they can integrate better with the rest of the school and society,” she explains. “The older ones get upgraded to ‘dolphin buddies’, who then help the younger ones settle in.”

Volunteer work is compulsory for them. “That way they get to know the local community here, what the culture is like. It’s also useful for them in terms of learning to communicate, learning to respond to situations, giving them confidence,” she says.

 Dolphin Moving Agency

Alongwith, she also runs a volunteer service for hard-up students who are often moving and have temporary living arrangements. As moving is a very costly business it makes a lot of sense for this service to exist. Older dolphins and some alumni help out and and every little help is blessing.

“We’ll bring along trolleys and move everything with the family. I also teach the students how to pack boxes. Sometimes they just have no clue about that.” she says.

"Warm moments like these are what bond them like family, forming connections that last long after graduation. “We have so much fun. The kids love getting pushed around on the trolley.”

Ma has also been nominated by the Professional Teachers’ Union as a Compassion Ambassador in the South China Morning Post’s Spirit of Hong Kong Awards. This story appeared in South China Morning Post.

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