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How to decide To Move Or Not Move

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Making a decision to move or stay is not an easy one. Wishmove brings you a list of signs to look for and work on, if moving is the right thing to do.

We all have to move one day or another, unless we were born and stay at the same house all our lives. Though most moves are for a necessity, many are not for any reason like become an exchange student to experience new world or volunteering in another country for a cause you are passionate about and many more.

But many do not move. They do not for various reasons like attachment to the place they are living, cit, the people or may be simply the thought of moving and effort involved is so scary that moving is the always the last thing on the list. But is you are thinking of moving and need some thoughts, these are the ones most important as they have far reaching effect.

Size of accomodation When you moved into the house, it was more than you needed and plenty of space seemed enough. You even planned ahead and got the place with rooms for your unborn children as well, but hey... why is this house getting smaller ? The thing is children need much more space than the adults to "function". We may have set routines, slower metabolism and consumed mostly but children are not. They need not only their rooms but bigger living areas and space to play, specially when they are more than one.

Also if you did not plan ahead and now have a baby, more space is better and helpful. If any of these is true, moving to a bigger place might be a better option.

That dream career There are people who take their career very seriously. sometimes an opportunity arises which is too good to be missed but has some strings attached. Like it may be hard to commute to and from work and keep living at the same house. Are you travelling too much daily for work and are home only to sleep? You need time for yourself other than work. Refusing to treat ourselves better could have very negative implications on our health and performance. Doing it for long would not help you pursue your dream career any way. If this is the case, you need to think about moving out and getting a place closer to work.

Affordability Scaling back and getting a smaller place is not wrong. If you are tight on finances, working way to hard to maintain the lifestyle and burning out just to pay off that hefty mortgage bill every month, seriously you need to think.

Or you may be thinking to advance your career by investing time and money in yourself and enhance your career or future prospects, whatever the case, If you do not have any responsibilities like children or place is more than your needs, think selling out and scaling back to a smaller place. It will help you reduce work load and have more free time. you can utilize that time for you own happiness!

Your house is a Warehoouse

People spend a lot of money on things they do not need. If you have a small place and space is running out but you cannot imagine not having all those replica Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America not living alongside ? Then it is better to move out and provide space for yourself and all your friends figures and those visiting you to celebrate your birthday or for a hookup for the weekend.


So you moved to this place, this nice quiet, cul de sac neighborhood, thinking you are going to have all your babies here, they will grow up into adults, they will move out one day, then you and your partner will live here in peace again ??? But what the hell happened with this peaceful and quiet neighborhood.

What happened to your quiet apartment or friendly neighborhood? All of a sudden every thing is crashing like You are not alone, it happens, belive me or you can watch Neighbors (2014) and accept, things could have been worse. It is okay! sometimes it is better not to mess with trouble makers as it would not help and start looking for a better neighborhood...

Whatever your choice may be always plan ahead and try to book you moving service one month in advance and go through moving advice provided by wishmove to make your life easier