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Why Moving Industry Is Broken And Needs Fixture

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The moving industry is one of the oldest but never have been desperately in need of innovation like today.

Migration has always been an integral part of human life, be it an individual, a group or society. It has helped us exchange ideas, innovate on existing developments, introduced us to new inventions by others and always improved and helped the mankind as a whole. Sorry to proponents of #Trump but this is what history teaches us. With migrations, ideas are polished and knowledge flows. It helps us learn on achievements and discovery of others. It helps us make our life easier by adopting technologies and inventions which may have been achieved on the other side of planet.

Moving is an experience, is it ?

Now speaking of migration or "moving" in general, it hasn't changed that much in reality, as it ? It still is a nightmare to even think about it. It still shakes you up when you start doing the maths or start looking for available options around you. It wakes you up at night and even does not let you fall asleep when you know “that” date is approaching. This is the case with most of the movers, if not all.

And the technical aspects have remained constant and follow the same old pattern of how our great great great grand fathers did it.

  • You pack your stuff
  • You gather your stuff
  • You hire a truck/ wagon / cart .. or
  • Die trying hard to find and hire one at affordable price..
  • You try to hire good moving company . . . or
  • You wish and hope it was bit simple and you could find some company who really cared and helped you out of this mess....

  • Or you might give up like many others and ask your mates, friends, cousin, brothers, sisters who ever you can find to have mercy on you and help you.... then you may rent the Van and try (DIY) doing-it-yourself but infact end up overspending...

This story is repeated on every other move across the world.

Why we still execute moves the old fashion way ?

We do not communicate by post in this age of "Whatsapp". We do not get from london to Paris in 2 days like old days but less than an hour. We do not grow all or part of our food but get it fresh from shelves, do we but we still dread moving home ? why

"All those moving companies who understand the changing nature of customer behavior and power they hold with access to internet will adopt and benefit from the system." James Scott - Innovation Daily

Partly because moving industry is still trying to do things old fashioned way and partly because prospective movers still try to look for a good moving company using traditional sources like responding to marketing brochure, word of mouth, yellow pages, estate agents, you name it we have all done it.

But this is how it could only be done, really ?

Well like we said, you do not book you mini cab by calling the mini cab company, talk to it for 10 minutes, argue over the prices, then wait wait wait .. do we ? We uber it or most of us do. We also rarely call around 50 insurance companies, talk to each for 30 minutes, get quotes, make a table and then choose / buy the best one.. do we ? Infat, we GO COMPARE or COMPARE THE MARKET on our desktops, laptops, tabs or smart phones. If that has all changed, so can finding a good moving company and moving experience and it is happening already for many who know it where to look for.

Customers are the king

Customers are the king and always were. It’s now true for moving customers as well. There were several issues which all the ideas that disrupters of traditional industries faced. From reducing cost to faster processing of orders to accountability and quality control. Most important of all are ease of use and accountability. This is the base for any idea or service if it has to work.

Wishmove is here and how does it help

This is where wishmove steps in. Now we can spend as little as 30 seconds by visiting wishmove.com on our desktops, laptops, tabs or smart phones, you name it and get connected to minimum 3 and upto many moving companies and by companies we mean properply vetted, fully insured, customer focused and customer rated companies. These companies contact and discuss your needs in detail or might pay a visit to to do an assessment free of charge and can provide you with best possible "NO OBLIGATION" price quotes.

And yes, you read it correct, we said__ “customer rated”__ companies. Wishmove individually vets and carries checks on each service provider and when they become partners, customers are the ones to rate them for the quality of service they provide. This a completely transparent and democratized method for connecting customers to the companies who care for them and price their services reasonably.

So whats in for future moving industry ?

Just as online travel, insurance marketplace, product comparison marketplace and delivery websites have improved and developed in favour of customers, moving industry has started to move towards online quotation and rating system as well.

Many companies have started to understand the evolving powers customer hold with access to internet and also understand customer needs better. All these companies have adopted or will adopt and benefit from the new systems. The customers would benefit any way but moving companies who will stick to old fashioned ways, pricing models, are less transparent and remain unaccountable will slowly be weeded out and will be replaced with efficient and better ones. 

So a very warm and a big big biiiiiiig Hello from Wishmove